Special Services

Longwear Ltd are able to offer a number of special services which complement the products supplied, please see below:

Mill Optimization

Longwear Ltd offer a worldwide Mill Optimisation Service whereby one of our engineers will visit a cement site to carry out a full internal mill inspection. From this we offer advice on mill performance, condition of grinding internals and grinding media charge.

Our engineers will liaise with the technical personnel on site and give advice on mill optimisation ensuring efficient cost effective grinding. This service also enables effective maintenance planning by monitoring the mill internals and predicting their lifetime on an ongoing basis and therefore eliminating the need to carry unecessary stocks.

Mill Liner Design Consultancy

Longwear Ltd have the capability to offer a Mill Liner Design Service based on many years of experience in the cominution industry.

This service is supported by a computer generated simulation which utilises all the relevant operating parameters of the mill to ensure enhanced crushing and grinding operation.

Pre-shipment Inspection Services

From our West Bromwich site we operate our independent third party inspection services business.

We specialise in pre-shipment inspections where clients can take advantage of our comprehensive testing and handling facilities.

We also offer general cargo and container inspection and verification both from our factory and at shipping terminals where appropriate.